Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Panache - Letter to Yours Truly

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Dear Yours Truly,

It seems a bit odd to myself to write to thyself given that we are in contact using telepathy every second, if that is what describes our conversation. Since we ask each other about our well being every second, exchanging pleasantries doesn’t make much sense.

Like you have witnessed, A To Z Blogging Challenge has benefited me in self discovery and bringing out my inner strength long lost in the turmoils of life. Yours Truly, words seem scarce to describe the contentment that I have witnessed in getting back by lost confidence, and Panache. Panache, the quality that we owned once upon a time.

With flair comes confidence and with confidence comes the ability to conquer the world. Carry yourself confidently and the world will bow down to you. This is what we had, was it not? Then where did it vanish? In thin air?

Not all possess this flamboyancy which comes coupled with knowledge and experience. And by knowledge, I mean your set of mastery and skills that you possess, even your passion. Do you know your true passion? Have you identified it yet? You are almost very close to it. Do not stop and loose the golden opportunity. You do know the story of the digger who kept digging and lack of confidence stopped him. He could have achieved his target had he dug a little deeper, because he had almost reached his target.

Panache! You have skills, why keep it in closet? We should know how to carry ourselves and our creativity with confidence. Panache is a step ahead. Why don’t you try to regain it again. You had it in you.

The flair and zeal that Yours Truly possessed set you apart from other people of your age. You drove your energy with gusto in fields that required skills you had; the Amateurish skills I would call them back then. You won a few accolades bringing hope to your future, until you abruptly put a stop to everything.

To confidence, to skill, to knowledge coupled with your Panache to flaunt it, people will salute, even look down. But fear not when you are true to yourself. People look down when you take a different road. Do not hesitate. You haven’t yet.

Do not sit in a corner with your creativity. Flaunt it confidently, with such panache and verve that you need not look anywhere.

Move it with Panache, carry yourself with Panache.

Yours Truly,


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  1. What a great word - Panache! We all need a little more of it.

    Weekends in Maine