Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Desire, Determination V/S Dealing with Depression

Writing as part of A TO Z Challenge

Theme: Finding Myself:Living My life

Free Write

You wish to achieve something very dearly. The dream (Whatever it is) that you are chasing, or your desire to achieve something is very strong. You are determined, no matter what, to give a meaning to your life. You wish to excel in something, you do not know what it is yet, still, there is a burning desire, a flame, and determination to make your life worthwhile, but then one day depression creeps in and you give in to it. There is no way then that you can run after your goals.

The struggle to deal with depression is so much, and it is tough to handle. The desire, the passion, the youthful enthusiasm, which you once harbored, has given way to struggling with depression. There comes a point in life where you do not wish to do anything. You have lost your will to achieve your dreams. You do not wish to be in limelight any more, like you used to. You get used to being alone, and lonely. But that too, starts to harass you. You have no control over your mind. It wanders places you never thought it would. Thus, this is the point where you do not feel like engaging in anything. A complete standstill.

The hope, the dream, the enthusiasm is lost in a black hole.

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