Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Killer Instinct

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

A killer whale or Orca. Among the deadliest in the sea. Known for attacking even the largest animal on the planet, the Blue Whale. Such is the ferocity of the Killer Whale.

This tenacity of the Orca made me realise that it is the strong desire and equally ruthless hard work and dedication that allows you to enjoy fruits of your well deserved catch.

An Orca targeting the whales who is way beyond its size can be applied to setting our goals of life. Goals we set are always bigger than the ability that we have. It is the techniques and the abilities we learn and imbibe that helps us achieve our goals.

Learning to apply from things you observe around to realise your dreams helps a lot. When I initially thought of taking up about writing myself for this challenge, I didn’t realise whether “Finding Myself” would really allow me to introspect the way I did all these days. Even though I had it in me, it took a lot of thinking to realise that I should act out of my own inner voice, say No, be firm if I wish to achieve the “perfect” life that I wish to live.

Constant efforts, hours and years of hard work go in achieving things that you wish for. Targets that we set are big. So how do we achieve it with limited abilities? If you are doubtful, think about the Orca who targets animals way beyond its own size.
It is the feeling of Killer Instinct that will take you forward. Ruthlessness, associated with being cruel, should be applied to achieve your goals; but not at the cost of pulling others down.

So my goal is to live a life of my dreams and seek my passion. Where does this Killer Instinct come from? It is one of the quality that can be put to good use. “I wish to become so and so. And I will ruthlessly work hard to achieve it. I won’t sleep until I achieve it.” That’s the Killer Instinct I am speaking about.Whether it is fitness, or being happy, being the way you want or your passion, doing something as if it is the only goal of your life is my way of saying it is Killer Instinct.

Sounds bold but it is the need of the hour when the world has gone competitive and ruthless as far as achieving goals is concerned.

What I believe is if I want the crown on my head, I should show my mettle to the people and make myself worthwhile. And this cannot be achieved unless I work tremendously. That is what is the Killer Instinct in my words.

Writing this as part of A To Z Challenge


  1. Hi Seeya, that was a wonderful example of the Orca whale you used here. Yes it is the do or die-killer instinct that makes winners and leaders in any situation or field. You have brought this out very well! Hope you are instilled with the right amount of this spirit...too much can be harmful!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  2. Orca...that is unique way to motivate one to achieve her/his goals. I enjoyed reading it throughout. :)

  3. Orca...that is unique way to motivate one to achieve her/his goals. I enjoyed reading it throughout. :)