Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Express Yourself

Writing as part of A TO Z Challenge

Theme: Finding Myself: Living My life

Did it help anyone by sitting in a corner of the room? Will you be heard by anyone? Answer is a flat No!

Nobody, yes, no one will give you attention if you think you will be. The world is too busy to care for you. People are too harsh. Accept the reality as it is. Express yourself. Say what do you wish to do in life. Tell the purpose. If you have the desire to do anything, do not wait. Just start. Are you being questioned about it? Do not keep quiet. Express it. They may not understand your purpose. Express it.

Learn to express your opinions. That is paramount in today’s world. No one bothers to linger for long if you cannot do it before the person turns away. You wish to do something, express; you have a demand? Express. It is never too late to learn it.

I have to learn this. And how is that? I do not know. Words falter, thoughts get mixed up. But remaining silent isn’t the solution. Or is it? Not at all.

Express. World listens to people who wish to speak! You have to learn to live your life on your own terms. Do not bend. Just express your desire. Speak up!

Do not hesitate. Express your opinions!

You have your freedom to express your opinions. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose your path. Who gives you that freedom? YOU!

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  1. that's bang on!!
    as they say - only who shouts can sell.

    Karan - Esthetic