Friday, April 8, 2016

Grab The Opportunity, Ideas Galore

Writing as part of A TO Z Challenge

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Just sitting and thinking about my dreams will just result in dreams being dreams. My theme for this challenge is “Finding Myself- Living My Life” (I am repeating this in every post). So just sitting and thinking about it is of no use unless I stand up and take action.

Searching and grabbing the opportunities as and when they come is necessary. I have neglected this for far too long. Had I done this earlier, I wouldn’t be sitting and writing about this right now. I have let away many opportunities, atleast as far as writing is concerned. And of course many things too.

Brooding and thinking whether the opportunity should be grabbed or not is an utter waste of time.

You want to do something, search for opportunities that give your creativity the much needed exposure. There is no dearth of them in today’s fast competitive world. Google something and you will get a vast number of topics. Selecting the correct and suiting your needs is your responsibility. But beware, there may be traps. Do not fall prey!

So even though I have ideas in abundance, I have this habit of procrastinating. Being a big time procrastinator has kept me away from many opportunities. What kept me away? Boredom, thinking that I will do it tomorrow, laziness. And opportunities didn’t wait for me. I kept thinking what if I do not succeed?

I realise now sitting and waiting, or procrastinating has made ample opportunities run away. I could have grabbed when time was ripe; but I didn’t.

Identifying, filtering and grabbing the opportunities if I wish to prove something to myself is need of the hour. Can’t sit and wait for the ship to arrive.

I also realised that success cannot be guaranteed in every opportunity that I will embark on. But that shouldn't be a disappointment. I can always try next time. But if I put my best, there are chances that I could come close to what I want to achieve; if not win it. Every step is an improvement. So every opportunity can be treated as a step towards my dreams. But if I do not grab it, I will reach nowhere.

Shying away from opportunities, staying away when you know you deserve is another thing that needs to be avoided. People, who do not even deserve will grab it and go leaving behind the shy, deserved people standing where they were. Sounds a bit bold, but asking, grabbing what you deserve is paramount.
You know you know the best. Compete with yourself. You will come across ample people who think they know. Work towards your goal.

Be blunt, be bold. Just Grab it!


  1. A very good post .

    I needed to read this kinda for my lazziness . ....however now a days I am trying to be active .

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

  2. A very good post .

    I needed to read this kinda for my lazziness . ....however now a days I am trying to be active .

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

  3. Yeah.. I need to be grabbing the opportunities little faster!
    Tina From
    The Sunny Side of Life
    Twinkling Tina Cooks

  4. How is your journey coming along Seeya? Arent you proud that we are one week through the challenge..
    blogging everyday and taking the challenge to a new level?