Tuesday, April 26, 2016


#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Dear Thou,

This is your long lost but recently re-acquired quality that is writing to you. I am glad that you have kicked out procrastination and gave me my deserved spot yet again. It looks like ages since we last worked together.

I remember the endless hours you, as a child, sat on your small study table to complete the tasks that you set for yourself. There was nothing that could stop you. Your mind was ever busy, and like a scrap book with variety stuffed in it. Your brain would be brimming with ideas. Giving shape to them you sat, either with the words that fired themselves from your brain, or devising plans and activities so that they could be implemented in future.

It was in your early childhood that you learnt to use internet, but you never started using it for your ideas until recently. But before internet crept in, it was books and magazines that would give you knowledge. Your closet, was your storehouse of knowledge.

Do not forget that it was I who gave you all that exuberant energy that would sometime overflow from your mind.

You and I together achieved milestones which made people think you would achieve a lot when you grow up. Times changed and with that you forced yourself to change too. And in the turbulence you lost your energy of doing things differently and followed the crowd. Although you achieved a lot, I couldn’t be of much help since it wasn’t your passion that you were pursuing. You allowed yourself to leave me behind.

With time, you allowed procrastination to fill the empty spot which I owned once. You allowed yourself to settle in the mundane life and job which didn’t give any exposure to your passion.

But now that you have finally realised your passion and allowed me my rightful space in your life, I would like to tell you that this is one of the best decisions of your life, the first being that you have made a firm decision to pursue your passion and your likes.

In your endeavor of achieving your desires, although you might have to start everything from scratch, I would like to tell you to have the same vigour, gusto and energy that you had as a child. It was that vibrance that made you take those baby steps that you had achieved. You had taken several risks, and with your ability to tackle them along with my help, you won everything. I want you now to work with the same childish energy that you once displayed. Thinking of what will happen and fear of failure will bring you down. You do remember how you worked before, don’t you?

Yours Truly,


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  1. Loved...loved...loved..this one.
    It felt like a letter written to me because all of it is so true to me too :)