Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mirage and Marriage

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

Mirage- an illusion of nature. Fascinating yet cruel, if you are travelling in the intense heat with no water and the nature tricks you into thinking there is a pond just within your sight. The parched throat and fatigue force you into walking those extra steps towards the luring water pond. Is it potable? This question may not cross your mind even for a second. You reach closer only to realise that it was a hoax.

Mirage made me realise that though I need to Grab the Opportunities at hand instead of procrastinating, I should be aware that various hoaxes can come in life disguised as “opportunities” or suggestions.

There are times when the pasture may look greener on the other side of the river. Make sure that you are firmly stuck with your goals and no distraction whatsoever can make you retract your steps. Once you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you.

I have more than once been tempted to run after opportunities that looked they would take me step ahead with my goals. But thanks to my Marriage with The Husband, I was kept away from the lures.

For a person who always questioned the allegiance and marriage (and I still question), I think I am fortunate to have The Husband who is more concerned about my goals than I am. Identifying my passion and giving it deep thoughts is what he is after.


While a Mirage tempted me to divert from my goals time and often, it was Marriage with The Husband that brought me on track. He knows my passions, ways, he knows what I wish to achieve. And that is how he has managed to keep track of my goals while keeping unwanted things at bay.

Temptations are temporary, even illusionary. “All that glitters is not gold.” thus goes the saying. One should be careful enough to differentiate between reality and things that tempt you. This difference is taken care of by The Husband. All that awaits is realising that I need to put in more efforts towards one goal in life. Distractions are a part which should be kept away.

I found my best critic in The Husband who keeps me away from illusions and has made my goals his priority.

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