Sunday, April 10, 2016

Free Write

So I thought I was doing Free Write for my A TO Z Challenge posst. Am I? May be? Ok let me check the Free Write on wikipedia and come back. 

So, what does it say? Wikipedia tells me that it is a prewriting technique. From what I understand, I can keep writing without giving regard for anything. It shouldn’t have a particular topic. You just keep writing what comes to mind. So are my posts for  A TO Z Challenge Free Writes? I would say yes. They do have a topic; and a theme on which these topics are based on. But what I do is, I just write till I feel I am done with that topic. May be it isn’t a Free Write in its literal form.

But what I am doing right now is a pure Free Write. Just jotting down what I am thinking. And I guess I am enjoying this. I think it might help me come out of long non writing periods that I experience often. So I should experiment with this form of writing once in a while; weekly? May be. Do not decide now. Write down when you feel like. May be it always isn’t necessary to publish everything you write on your blog. People might turn away. But I have always written what I feel on my blog? Why not put it up? Confused minded person? Yes. let’s leave it there.

I like to read a lot about the Origin of Universe. I do not restrict myself to Big Bang. I wish to know before the Big Bang. May sound stupid. But I haven’t restricted my thinking just upto Big Bang. My current interest is gravitational waves. And I read somewhere a new planet might be existing beyond Pluto.  

Thoughts are your own.  I have my own way of thinking. Own perception of looking at things. Most of the times it is not in sync with the general opinion. So what if I do not go with the flow of thinking and general opinion? It only proves that I am thinking beyond what people think. Out of the Box you would like to call it? Or may be brain storming? Why am I writing about this? Free Write :D ;)


So after say like ages, I watched a documentary about dolphins. And I recall now how I always remained spellbound as a kid when I watched underwater life episodes on the television.

As a kid, I had many goals set up for myself. Scientist was one among them. So what kind of scientist I thought I would become? The one who collects samples of plants and rocks and underwater life and study. Was that all? When I started developing interest in physics and astronomy, I thought of exploring the space. I even imagined how cool I would look in an astronaut’s jacket. Childhood fantasies!! But aren’t the dreams born out of such fantasies and interest? Every child must have had fantasies. Saving the world from human atrocities on nature was another goal I harbored.

But then my interest didn’t stop there. Side by side I would write down a lot. Whatever that occurred to me. So I guess I have been “Free Writing” even as a kid. :) I had ample ideas of what I would become when I grow up. But then I followed the crowd and the goals just remained dreams. And now I am Finding Myself everyday and writing about it for A TO Z Challenge posts. Does it seem stupid?

I have had this discussion with myself (Yes, I speak a lot with myself,not aloud lest people think I have lost my head) many times. What do we want from life? Grow up, study, get a job, earn living, get married, have kids. Is that the goal of life? Most of the life we study and then get jobs (Ok some become entrepreneurs too). People say he/she has settled once he/she gets married and has kids. And the cycle continues.He/she must have had dreams, but they all get crushed due to pressures from society and home.

So once in a decade or so, a person is born; who wishes to question everything and live his/her life on his/her own terms. And that person is termed a “Rebel” :D But does that person care? “Heck! I do not want regrets later in my life. I want to do what I have in my mind”, is the prompt reply of the “Rebel”.

I just learnt about Sylvia Earle. through a documentary. Man, Could anything stop her from achieving what she wants? She is so very active. I should learn from her. She is into Oceanography in case you don’t want to read about her.

What is in my mind right now? Pack my bag and explore a couple of places nearby. But we get busy with our mundane life. Shouldn’t we break the stigma and explore and give shape to our ideas? (Is the “rebel” speaking?) :D

Late night writing works very well for me. The “Me time”. Do I like the Me time? An hour or two at the most. So what kind of time do I enjoy these days? The “Me and My Favorite person Time”.

Post gone long enough. May be I should write more often instead of putting everything in one post.

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