Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Carry Creativity with Confidence

Writing as part of A TO Z Challenge

Theme: Finding Myself:Living My Life


Creativity, Originality

In my Journey of self discovery, I realised that doing something which will make people applaud me requires to be confident of what I am going to do. I need to believe in my ideas. Who will give a second look at my creations if there is no hint of uniqueness?

So what if people detest it? People are there to do talk. I cannot stick my head in the dirt, right? I have done it before. I am doing it now. Why not change the habit? Let me recall what I have learnt so far to stop myself from being carried away from my goals (as far as people are concerned). Do not stick to traditions but do something out of the box, learn to say no and do not get broken when people discourage. Done!! This should do for now.

Creativity is the mother of everything when you want to stand out from the crowd. Even if it is a mundane daily stuff, I realised if I do it differently, I will get the attention. Hold on! I am not doing something to draw attention. I am seeking a purpose, remember? [Read Amateurish and Beyond if you have missed.] I might be doing everything for myself, but yes, I am a human being and I like being recognised for good things. I wish to be recognised for my creativity; creativity which spans beyond anything mundane. This is how I wish to be recognised.

Being unique isn’t enough. I need to carry myself and my ideas with confidence. A stand apart idea or a unique Me isn’t of any use if I cannot carry it or myself  confidently.

Originality is the key.


  1. Well stated seeya.. Creativity and originality is something that every one should strive for.
    Keep writing... :)