Saturday, April 16, 2016


#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

An archenemy. A rival. The one whom I should fear? Or the one who hampers my progress?

How lovely was childhood zeal when all I thought about was my passion. I slept and woke up thinking about my dreams. And then with the passing time, the energy diminished and so did my passion. A lot many people spend their lives doing things to please others; be it elders, relatives; and in this process tend to keep their interests at bay. Time flies and the passions remain a dream that which can never be fulfilled. Is it too late? Never!

Should I blame myself for all the laziness? Who really was my enemy who kept me away pursuing my passion, my desire?

Am I my own Nemesis? Am I my own enemy? Why did I give my time to pleasing others and doing things which they liked instead of pursuing my own interests? Keeping aside the interest of others and thinking about one’s own self- Is this a crime beyond anything?

When things do not go the way we plan, we blame our inability, laziness, lack of time and various factors for our failures. But these habits cropped up within ourselves. If we were focused on our goals, would they have taken root?

So, do I blame myself for all this? Yes! Had I focused more when I had to, I most definitely wouldn’t be sitting here and writing all this.

How have I decided tackle this? By being true to myself and seeking my goals. Goals are many, the one important one needs the support of the other goals.

So are you ready to turn away from your archenemy and focus on your goals like me?


  1. This is an everlasting thought in my mind. I am my worst enemy. All the fanciful notions are stuck in my head, my underconfidence, everything. Loved the post, needless to add. :) Have a great challenge ahead.
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

  2. Change begins with the acceptance of the problem. Now that you're aware what the issues are, get going :)
    That was a thought provoking piece Seeya :)

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In