Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Be Unbroken to create Utopia

#ATOZ Challenge Theme: Finding Myself - Living My Life

The saturation level had reached a while back. There didn’t seem any promising land nearby any soon. The scorching heat had created a parched throat and it seemed as if unconsciousness would creep in anytime soon. But the will to go on and not give up was stronger than before. The journey promised an equally deserving reward.

It is said that hope never dies. The strong desire to achieve something keeps you going.

Moments of depression come along with questions in mind - Why the hell am I living? For whom am I living? Haven’t these questions caused distress in mind lately? Ample time spent doing unproductive work, time spent in pleasing others and living for others, where did the years vanish? What will they think if I give my answer? Will I be termed too bold?

In the face of all this, we forget what we wish to do with our life. The struggle sometimes looks never ending and we give up.

If you have read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, you will realise how tough life can be in times of intense adversities. All I can conclude is that perhaps the will to live surpasses everything.

Progress is life is a must. One cannot remain stagnant with something for too long. Of course, we should be satisfied with what we have, but that shouldn’t stop us from going ahead.

There is no Utopia anywhere. It is we who can create it for ourselves. Being unintentionally tied to many things can hamper your process, even your downfall, but that needn’t be the reason for giving up. There are times when you might have to face the worst, but not giving up hope and coming out unbroken is one of the keys to success.

Your strong urge to achieve your passion is not going to be easy unless you are made to suffer. It is not out of freewill that people choose to suffer. But out of that comes up a strong person who is much different that the frightened person that she/he was.

Stand erect, do not falter, do not give in to demands of the people if you wish to create Utopia for yourself. People will throw stones at you, learn to build your fort and use those stones if they are useful.

History has been witness to people who have suffered and come out successful.

Be Unbroken, create your own Utopia!!

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  1. That was one unique motivational post Seeya :)
    You are right we often tie ourselves up with so many things that they weigh us down and prevent us from achieving what really matters to us.