Sunday, April 10, 2016

First Week Recap A to Z 2016

So how did this week pass? In a jiffy! Not that this A To Z Challenge was my first challenge. December 2015 was my self blogging challenge where I blogged everyday. It was tough to write on something new everyday. But then due to immense support and guidance from Blogchatter Community, I had in my mind what I would write and had pre planned for A To Z Challege 2016. It was my first Challenge infront of many people and so far I have managed to get decent crowd, if not in huge numbers.

I cannot choose favorite posts from my blog since I have written them on my own. Nevertheless, I would choose three based on the efforts and hardwork that I have put in.

A -  Amateurish

My aim is to get more people to read my books. More important is to read from bloggers around the world through A to Z Challenge and to learn different forms and ways of writing and appreciate it too.

From what I have read till now, these are the bloggers I have been following closely and liked immensely:

I discovered her unique story telling art through this challenge. I have always read many of her blog posts old and new. But these stories were beyond anything. Remarkable Chandni!

She introduced me to many unique styles of interiors

I am loving the style of writing the story in parts.

Looking forward to another week of blogging and discovering more bloggers around.

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  1. This being my very first time for any kind of blogging challenge wherein I enrolled in the final week, so preparation was out of question and it was sheer excitement of doing something challenging that made me jump in. While there are days when I struggle with writing a post, all has been going great so far.
    The 3 blogs you shortlisted are on my reading list too and I agree with you all three are doing a fantastic job with their content.
    Best wishes for your writing ventures :)

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In